The core of ID New Zealand’s business is to provide high-quality experiences to international visitors coming to New Zealand. We do so by having well-designed tours and itineraries, using only the best suppliers, transport providers, venues and personnel. Given the global nature of our business, we aim to conduct ourselves in a way that supports a long-term sustainability policy in order to minimise negative effects and maximise positive impacts on the natural & social environment. IDNZ supports its business partners towards greater sustainability, and in doing so, we aim to foster sustainability practices amongst our international visitors.

Our mission is to drive sustainability through the New Zealand tourism supply chain by ensuring that sustainability is core to our procurement process.

We are a leading ground handler and inbound destination management company. Our success is reliant on collaboration with our suppliers and innovation in developing product. ID New Zealand engages with numerous stakeholders within the tourism industry; ranging from consumers, activity/attraction/accommodation and transport providers, guides and restaurants. We bring together New Zealand travel and tourism supplier companies that are committed to constant improvement in their operational practices to ensure long term sustainability.

As the tourism, and in particular cruise tourism industry, has complex value chains and a deep structured supplier base, we work together with our clients and suppliers to send a common message regarding sustainability activities and requirements. We believe having a common approach to sustainability benefits everyone in the supply chain and thence ultimately the traveller.

We understand supply chains are global, therefore we act as a strong promoter of standardisation and harmonisation of supply chain approaches to achieve long term impact, while also maintaining independent supply chain management.

Our collaborative approach with suppliers is founded on compliance with New Zealand employment, and health/safety law and the highest ethical standards.

Our common direction:

  • Have a common and unified position, understanding and commitment on supply chain sustainability towards suppliers, other partners and stakeholders
  • Develop and implement initiatives that can drive improvement
  • Encourage, promote and work together with our suppliers and clients to drive sustainability
  • Strive towards the goal of carbon neutrality
  • Co-operate and collaborate with tourism industry initiatives through our commitment to New Zealand Tourism’s sustainability initiative and the Tourism New Zealand Tiaki Promise.